Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Tombstone Tuesday

Ardcavan, County Wexford, Ireland

This stone marks the resting place of my great grandfather Patrick and great grandmother Mary (Ronan) Sinnott, and his grandfather ?  Sinnott.  The stone reads like the begats, unfortunately it's broken in significant places, cutting off names, dates, and ages. It was transcribed by Brian Cantwell in his Memorials of the Dead for County Wexford. His transcription has only the information on this broken stone.  I am unable to find my notes but if memory serves the Ardcavan Cemetery was transcribed in 1970, so the stone broke before that time. 

Sinnott Family Stone
  I discovered unfriendly stinging plants (are these pretty things stinging nettle?) as I tried to expose and photograph the ground level engraving .
Overgrown Ardcavan Cemetery
 My camera could not capture a readable image of  the entire stone.  So with red and stinging arm (which I tried to hide from my cousin whom we had just met and  had graciously driven us to this old and remote cemetery on Wexford Bay) I shot as many photos close up of the engraving as I could.  Eventually I ended up with a combined image, best described as a puzzle with missing pieces, and taken at varying distances and angles.
"[Pat]rick Sinnott died March 31, 1909 aged 87 yrs..."  and "Mary Sinnott, died April  25, 1909, aged 75 yrs." 

Finding the stone was a surprise even to my cousin who had come to the cemetery as a child, and visited her Sinnott grandparents grave just a step or two away.  I am still working on the relationships of sons, daughters-in-laws, and grandsons mentioned on the stone.  There is a son Robert who could have been Patrick's father, or his uncle; it was impossible to tell from the wording on the stone.  Thus one of my "brick walls" is a broken stone.....

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